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Moo business cards

I finally got around to ordering some business cards… only four years after I started the blog. Cute, no?

Moo business cards

I had them printed with Moo and took full advantage of the ability to print different designs on the back by including some of my favourite craft projects and vignettes from over the years.

Moo business cards

I also picked up some cute address labels for the times when only snail mail will do.

Moo business cards


In addition to providing me with the cards you see above, the folks at Moo want to give you the chance to get your own cards or stationery. We’re giving away a $90 Moo voucher to three readers anywhere in the world.

To enter, simply leave a comment stating why you need some Moo printing in your life!

Competition closes 31st August at midnight Australian CST and winners will be notified by email. Voucher may be put towards product and shipping. Open to readers worldwide.


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Will you be my bridesmaid card

Here’s a little treat for newly engaged lasses. I’m sharing a free printable ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ card over on Polka Dot Bride today.

See the full post.

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Re-Love project after

You guys! It’s finally time for the big reveal of my piece for the Re-Love project.

Before I get into all the juicy after pics, I need to wrap up the final progress stage.

Re-Love project before & after

I was originally planning to just use a clear varnish to keep the authentic timber colour, but the damage was worse than first thought. To even out the discolouration I used the Timber Primer mixed with a Walnut stain.

Re-Love project before & after

I didn’t want it as dark as a true walnut shade so I just used a small amount of stain and gradually built up the colour with a few coats until it was looking lovely and even.

Re-Love project before & after

Granted the sides (shown here with one coat of stain) were not nearly as damaged as the top (shown unstained), but you can see the difference that the stain made.

Re-Love project before & after

Re-Love project before & after

I continued with the rest of the piece, including the drawers. Subsequent coats can be applied wet-on-wet which cut down on the need for drying time, which was handy.

Re-Love project before & after

I said goodbye to the pale green paint with a few coats of Dulux One-Step, an all-in-one primer and topcoat.

Re-Love project before & after

Re-Love project before & after 

After a light sand, I applied two coats of Clear Varnish (Satin) which really brought out the rich colour.

Re-Love project before & after

To finish, I cut the wallpaper to size, sprayed it with water and adhered it to the drawer insides and the back of the shelving. After a quick clean, the glass shelf and doors went back in.

Re-Love project before & after

And here she is now!

Re-Love project before & after

Let’s all just agree to ignore the half-painted skirting boards and tablecloth-covering-heinous-carpet situation happening in the scene and look at that gorgeous timber instead. The half-finished lounge was the only remotely suitable photo shoot location.

Re-Love project before & after

Re-Love project before & after

Re-Love project before & after

It’s quite a change from the honey-coloured sideboard with warped veneer and bits of sticky tape along the edges! I’ve tried to restore it in a way that was faithful to its origins while appealing to a new buyer.

To refresh your memory, here are the before and during stages.

Re-Love project before & after

Huge thanks to Feast Watson for having me on board this year’s Re-Love project. I love giving new life to neglected furniture so I’ve really enjoyed seeing this come together. I can’t wait to see the rest of the bloggers’ projects revealed, too.

Stick around for the big eBay auction starting on 24th July so you can bid to take one of the pieces home! All the proceeds are going to the Salvos, so get behind this very worthy cause.

As part of the Re-Love project, I and seven other bloggers have donated our time to revamp a piece of furniture using products supplied by Feast Watson. The finished pieces will be auctioned with proceeds going to Salvos Sores. Find out more here.

handbag notes

I mentioned the other day that my one and only handbag for this season was totally falling apart. Well, having bits of leather flaking off the outside was not the only problem. The inside was a disaster zone.

You know by now that I love lists. Unfortunately I’m not so good at throwing out the list once it’s been used. Every time I’d go out on an errands run (tell me I’m not the only one who spends most of their Saturday running errands all over town?!) I’d write a list on a scrap of paper and throw it in my bag. Along with a pen, of course, so I can have the satisfaction of crossing things off.

I then wind up with no less than nine pens and scribbled scraps of paper with shopping lists for travel gear for our Europe trip (you know, the one that was a year and a half ago). ‘Eeeek!’ indeed.

I’m a big fan of going paperless wherever possible, but for whatever reason I prefer paper and pen for my out & about lists. I picked up a cute mini notepad from Target and put it in my bag along with a single pen. Even if I forget to tear off the previous week’s list at least it will be contained in the notepad and not turn into handbag flotsam.

Are you a pen & paper girl like me? Or do you use your phone or even try to keep everything in your head?

Winter outfits

I’m a third of the way through my first 3-month season of Project 333 so I thought I’d give an update on how I’ve been finding it. I showed you my winter capsule wardrobe, well here are some of the outfits I’ve been making from it.

There are 25 outfits here and it’s not even a comprehensive view of the combinations. When you consider jackets, jewellery, tights etc there are even more outfits so I’m not getting bored at all.

Honestly, it hasn’t been a struggle in the slightest. The 33 items I chose are basically what I lived in last winter anyway (I didn’t buy anything new this year). If anything, I have been dressing better. I’m accessorising more with lipstick, hair and jewellery and wearing heels and skirts more instead of always defaulting to jeans and flats.

Remember I only actually chose 32 items as I left a spare hanger in case I found I needed something (either new or from my boxed-up spares). I haven’t needed anything else, which is nice. I’ve dipped into my excluded items for a dress for my best friend’s 30th (I allowed myself special occasion outfits as planned cheats) but apart from that I haven’t even been tempted by the rest of my wardrobe.

I’ve had a couple of casualties, though. My grey boots have an irreparable hole in them (womp womp womp). I’ll replace them with some similar boots that I already own, but they are not as versatile (not appropriate for work, for example) which is a pity but I only need to survive another eight weeks. My handbag was already in shabby condition but the daily use has tipped it over into bag lady territory. I spotted my dream handbag (which also doubles as a camera & laptop bag) at 50% off so I snapped it up.

In short, I’m loving it so far!

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Mandarin marmalade

My in-laws have a huge mandarin tree that is going bonkers with fruit at the moment. I took some off their hands and gave preserving a go for the first time.

They come from a family of keen jam-makers so there’s a lot to live up to. The consistency was a bit runnier than I would have liked (I’m storing it in the fridge which helps) but the bittersweet marmalade flavour is bang on.

You can find the recipe and free printable tags over on Polka Dot Bride.

cookbook giveaway

After much trying, the winner of the recent Bookworld giveaway was unable to be contacted.

So, the cookbook prize pack is now back up for grabs!

Win a cookbook prize pack

Bookworld has a stack of cookbooks worth $160 to give away to one of you fine folk. The pack includes these new release titles:

  • Fast, Fresh & Unbelievably Delicious by Matt Preston
  • Annabel’s Family Cookbook by Annabel Karmel
  • Simon Bryant’s Vegies by Simon Bryant
  • Community: Salad Recipes From Arthur Street Kitchen by Hetty Mckinnon

How to enter

Simply take a photo of whatever you’re cooking or eating and share on Instagram or on our Facebook page with the hashtag #BWcookingweek to go into the draw. Each photo counts as a separate entry so get snapping!

Winner must be located in Australia. Entries close midnight Sunday 6th July and winner will be announced Monday 7th.


This post was a partnership with Bookworld.

Makeup drawer before & after

Decluttering is an ongoing process, usually requiring you to revisit the same areas periodically. It’s not often that I’ll do it just a few months later, but that’s what I just did with my makeup drawer.

In this post from our old home five months ago, I got rid of a ton of rarely used and out of date cosmetics. The ‘after’ photo was looking ship-shape but it wasn’t the whole story: I still had a couple of zip-lock bags filled with spare items (samples and gifts) and several lipsticks in every handbag.

So while I had already done a big declutter before we moved, starting Project 333 has made me take a closer look at other aspects of my getting-ready routine.

I chucked* a whole pile more items, this time focusing on getting rid of colours that don’t suit me, samples I’ll never use and spares that could have lasted me two lifetimes (seven blushers/bronzers – really?!).

I consolidated my lipstick collection and now only put the current day’s product in the single handbag I’m using this season. There are some similar colours in there that I do use but could live without so I won’t replace them when they’re used up.

Apart from getting rid of the zip-locks, the biggest downsizing was the eyeshadows. I managed to find the ultimate (for me) silver-taupey-grey palette that suits everything from a subtle highlight to full-blown event makeup so I was able to get rid of four others that were less versatile.

The only non-everyday items I kept were a couple of super bold lipsticks and a crazy eyeshadow palette that I’m keeping for costume parties. I put them in the difficult-to-access section at the back for now but I could even move them to the costume box.

I moved my brushes to a jar on the vanity as they kept jamming the drawers, but apart from that, this is now my entire makeup collection. Still not minimalist by any means but it’s a far cry from what I used to have.

My next task will be to consider my toiletries and hair products to further streamline my mornings.

Do you like to have a lot of variety in your makeup or do you have a simple routine that suits you everyday?

* Put aside to donate to a women’s shelter.

Re-Love buffet process

I’ve been hard at work on my piece for the Re-Love charity auction. Prep-work isn’t as sexy as a before-and-after but it is the most important part of any project, particularly when you’re working to restore timber.

I began by removing all the added-on bits, like the glass doors and shelf, felt drawer liner the and sticky tape that surrounded the back edges.

Re-Love buffet process

Re-Love buffet process

I didn’t realise when I bought it (it was so convincing!) but the piece is actually veneer, which I’ve never worked with before. It takes some special care as it’s more delicate than solid timber.

On the areas where the veneer had lifted up, I used a wood glue with a house brick on top of a towel to dry it flat overnight.

Re-Love buffet process

The whole piece is really dinged-up, especially the top surface which had water damage and flaking varnish, so I gave it a really good sand, using the coarsest grit that I thought the veneer could handle.

Re-Love buffet process

Next up was filling. The Intergrain Woodblend filler is really thick (more like clay than putty) but it’s easy to work with and filled holes with wood colour.

Re-Love buffet process

Because it’s so thick and pliable I was even able to use it to mould a replacement bit of handle that had chipped off.

Re-Love buffet process

Once dry, I sanded again, this time using a finer grit.

Re-Love buffet process

As they say, things look worse before they look better and this mess of putty and sanding dust proves that rule.

Re-Love buffet process

Now that the prep is complete, his weekend I’m working on the fun part of bringing the timber back to life and adding the awesome wallpaper lining.

As part of the Re-Love project, I and seven other bloggers have donated our time to revamp a piece of furniture using products supplied by Feast Watson. The finished pieces will be auctioned with proceeds going to Salvos Sores. Find out more here.

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Scarf gift wrapping

I have five (FIVE!) 30th parties to attend this month, along with my Dad and brother’s birthdays both in June, so it’s celebration central around here.

I tried out this fun wrapping technique using an adorable Japanese scarf that was given to me as a gift.

You can find the full how-to over on Polka Dot Bride.

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