I can’t actually claim credit for this tip, I picked it up from my Mum who’s been doing it for years.

Before your next party, write all of the dishes you are serving on sticky notes and attach to the appropriate bowl or platter. It may seem like planning overkill, but it will save you from doing the headless chook dance ten minutes before your guests arrive. You will know if you have everything you need and still have plenty of time to buy or borrow more if you don’t. Plus everyone in the family will be able to help out without having to be micromanaged. So you can get to that first glass of bubbly a bit sooner.

What’s the best piece of entertaining advice you’ve received from your mum?


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  • retrojo84

    Loving the imagary I’m getting of ‘the headless chook dance’.

    Best piece of advice – go with the flow, people are their for your company not a restaurant quality meal. If something goes wrong, who cares – just keep the wine flowing.

  • Good reminder, Jo. I think some people who are not experienced cooks get intimidated by the thought of having guests. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just do whatever you would normally cook for yourselves.

    And if it does end in disaster, order pizza and laugh about it!

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