Let’s keep things simple today with a makeover that’s so easy you may even have everything you need already at home.

You will need:

  • manila folders
  • pretty wrapping paper
  • scalpel
  • double-sided tape or spray adhesive

Trim the back of the manila folder that sticks out the top, leaving a tab. I staggered the tabs across each of the four folders so I can see all of them at once, but you may prefer to keep them all in the same position. Attach the paper to the front of the folder using double-sided tape or spray adhesive. Flip over and trim the excess paper.

Too easy! It’s so cheap and quick that you can update them whenever you redecorate your office.


3 Responses

  • Eileen

    I was admiring these folders on your ikea hacker posting. How nice to find out you made them! I think I’ll be doing the same…

  • Thanks for stopping by, Eileen. Happy crafting!

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