Now that I am working a lot from home, a trestle table and teetering piles on the floor was just not going to cut it as a home office. (Be thankful you have been spared the true ‘before’ photo, above is actually ‘during’).

The Man (or should I say Mr Man) required easy access to his teaching resources and I required storage for my vast array of art supplies (I swear, it just breeds, please tell me I’m not the only one?). The floating shelves provide much needed storage for all those really practical things you need to have handy (of course it has nothing to do with them being ideal to display art and ornaments…)

It is now a efficient and inspiring place to work.

P.S. I will post more details about the desk in another post. Stay tuned!


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  • Retrojo84

    I’m glad to hear you are going to post more information about the desk. I love it! I am needing an office space and the desk in the picture looks compact but practical. I will wait for the next post.

  • you know I love your home office! you have to feature the ingenious printer drawer!

  • More info on the sneaky drawers coming on Friday!

  • The Man

    Of course you’re talking about the amazing magnet part, right Mary? :) :P

  • The Man

    Note the awesome manilla folder situation too ;)

  • ASH

    this is a very nice arrangement. i’m going to have to think about something similar when I get the chance to make a desk for myself.

  • Jo

    My favourite thing in this office are the miniature chairs on the shelf, adorable :)

  • Hi Jo, thanks for stopping by. I have to give you advanced warning that with now three readers called Jo – and two of them Jo K. – I am likely to get confused!
    The mini chairs were a gift from my parents, do they know me or what??

  • Mark

    What is on the Venn diagram in the picture frame?

  • Hi Mark, it’s called “The road less traveled is kind of crowded”. You can see a larger picture and buy it here:

  • Sally

    Hi Alicia
    I am in LOVE with your blog! Just found it tonight and has reinvigorated my plans for my own home. Can I ask what shades are on your office and bedroom walls (if you remember).
    My mum is going to love your stuff too.
    I’ll keep on reading and check out your shop too.
    Thanks for all the ideas!

  • Thanks Sally, I’m so pleased you’ve found it inspiring!
    I’m not sure where you’re located so the (Australian) paint colours might not be useful but they are:
    Office: Dulux ‘White Duck’ half-strength
    Bedroom: Dulux ‘Light Leather’
    And the trim in all rooms is ‘Ivory Stone’
    Happy decorating!

  • Malinda

    Hi! Am slowly reading through your blog (i only stumbled across it a couple of days ago!) making copious notes of some of your ideas as I go! Just wondering where you got the white boxes on the top shelf? Many Thanks!

    • Hi Malinda

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the read. The canvas boxes are from Kmart.

  • Madison

    I love your desk! Where did you get it? Do you know what it’s made of?

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