Unfortunately for The Man, I was going through a fuchsia and lime green phase before we moved in together. Add to that the white walls and lack of curtains and we didn’t exactly have a restful bedroom.

The feminine edge has remained (sorry, sweetie) but is now tempered by the dark brown walls.

We were also seriously lacking in the storage department. This chest of drawers proved just the thing, adding a mid-century modern feel while still tying in to the honey colour of the rest of the more traditional style furniture.

The dressing table actually belonged to my mother as a teenager. Much to her embarrassment now, she somehow convinced my grandfather to paint it green. Years later, she had it restored to its former glory and has been in my bedroom ever since.

As you can see, we didn’t change much in the way of furniture and accessories, so you can tell what a big impact a coat of paint, window treatment and a few finishing touches can make.


2 Responses

  • Jo

    Absolutely LOVE both those dressers..
    I’m a rare one for painting stuff.. but oooh your mum should get a good slap on the back of her hand. And GREEN !! oh Mother !! ;o)
    I’m enjoying the blog very much btw..
    Jo xx

  • It is definitely not something she’d do now – goes to show how our tastes develop over our lifetime.

    Thanks Jo :)

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