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It’s T minus one month here at wedding central which means it’s time to get into the nitty gritty stage of planning, like the ring “pillow” I whipped up (inverted commas because I’m using that term loosely). This innocent sounding item is in fact worst offender for the it’s-a-wedding-so-of-course-you-want-white-satin-and-lace mentality. Happily (and thanks largely to Etsy) there are now some beautiful and original alternatives to fit your style.

Atypical Type A - ring pillows

1. Pink Frosting  2. Soul’s Bliss  3. Floral Designs by Lee  4. Paloma’s Nest  5. Estilo Weddings  6. Bragging Bags  7. Bean Sprout  8. Eleen  9. Giggle Room  10. Dear Jes

The elegant ceramic dish from Paloma’s Nest wins my vote this week because it won’t leave you wondering after the wedding, “What on earth am I going to do with this?”. It will easily transition to being a stylish and understated keepsake in your family home.


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