Our kitchen definitely could have been worse (other units in our block still have the original 70s wood veneer cabinets) but it clearly still needed an update from the cheap 90s renovation.

The drab pale blue walls and those peeling olive window frames needed brightening up. And make sure you take a gooood look at the tiles in all their aqua gradient striped glory. Ooo yeah.

Right, that’s long enough, let’s get to work. We painted the ceiling, trim, walls… and tiles. ‘Huh, painting tiles?’ I hear you ask. Yep, just paint right over those suckers with special tile paint. It’s not suitable for surfaces with high traffic or water, like floors or showers (alas, otherwise you can bet our bathroom wouldnt’ve escaped attention for this long) but it is a inexpensive way to update a splashback. Luckily the floor tiles and cabinets were neutral and in good nick, which is a godsend for a budget kitchen makeover. Those nasty fittings are a tell tale sign of a dodgy kitchen, so we switched the cheapo plastic handles for contemporary brushed stainless steel. Only a few dollars a pop, but it makes a big difference.


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  • Katy

    Looks good. It is amazing how just changing the door handles, for not much cost, can make a huge difference and helps modernize the kitchen.

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