Pick & Choose

You can easily freshen up your kitchen for loose change just by adding a fun new tea towel. If you think these examples might be just a tad too good to use on the dishes, stretch it over a basic canvas for cheap kitchen art in a flash.

Atypical Type A - tea towels

My pick: I can’t go past the hilarious juxtaposition of the Tea Rex.

1. Fox and Cubs by Lush Designs.  2. Showpony is telling you what to do.  3. I pity the fool who doesn’t have a Mr Tea towel.  4. Bottles by Unity Peg.  5. Cute townhouses from Hunky Dory Home.  6. Butterfly Love by Ros Shiers.  7. Rob Ryan proves that his intricate paper cut designs can even make a humble tea towel look poignant. 8. Tea Rex by Jay Jay Burridge.  9. The coolest Hairy Lady I’ve ever seen, by Third Drawer Down.


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