I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms from my daily fix of fave blogs. After two weeks of hotel rooms, I had to satisfy my decorating habit with a hit of Young House Love, who reminded us about an incredible makeover that a reader sent in.

Here is the gloomy before:

And the elegant and light-filled after:

If your jaw is not already on the floor, it sure will be when I tell you how little their budget was. Homeowners Jordan and Landon completed this stunning transformation for less than a grand (US dollars).

(Spotto the pendant lamp that I have my eye on for our own kitchen.)

Want more? Get all the deets for the makeover here and see the rest of their gorgeous home here.


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  • Jo

    I myself am a lover of white kitchens.. and although I haven’t posted the before and afters on my own ‘wood to white’ transformation, I will get around to it soon.
    I especially love the butler sink and the butcher block worktops. Just goes to show what can be done on a beer budget if the kitchen has good basic bones.. although they were lucky not to have to change the appliances.
    Did you see btw that they put the YHL house up for sale while you were away.. ??
    Jo xx

  • Jo

    I’ve just now gone and read the full makeover post at YHL I;ve answered a question I was asking myself as I looked at the photos.
    It’s an age old trick on makeover shows and photo shoots, to make the after shots seem wildly bright and light filled, they set up huge arc lamps outside the windows. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve done a fantastic job.. but I thought they had used this technique.
    Then I thought that some random young couple wouldn’t have access to the necessary equipment… so I was cursing myself for being so cynical.
    BUT, reading their post I discover that aha !!they are both professional photographers.. 😉
    Jo xx

  • I know! Selfishly speaking, I’m excited there’ll be a whole new house of makeovers and ideas from YHL.

    Yes, it certainly helps being pro photographers. Doesn’t seem fair for the rest of us!

    Looking forward to seeing photos of your own kitchen transformation :)

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