cake buffet 

As I mentioned yesterday, my family and I threw a surprise birthday for my mum last weekend. With the ‘let them eat cake’ theme of the invitation, a cake buffet was a must!

cake buffet 

cake buffet 




Oh, macarons, where have you been all my life? 

I’d like to think that I’m a half decent cook, but baking, well that’s a completely different story. After a bit of trial and error, I got there in the end and am really pleased with how everything turned out (especially my first-ever batch of biscuits – yay!). The cupcake decorations were made using silicone moulds that I bought on Etsy. The crowns and fleur de lys fit the Marie Antoinette theme perfectly. 

roses in urn 




It was held at beautiful Auchendarroch House in the Adelaide Hills. We knew it would be the perfect venue since it features loads of original William Morris designs, who Mum is certifiably obsessed mildly enamoured with. Check out those curtains! 



Mum’s present, with more William Morris goodness on the card. 

The surprise went off without a hitch, Mum didn’t suspect a thing, I reckon we could have scraped her jaw from the floor after she walked in!

Venue: Auchendarroch House
Flowers: Alyssiums
Apothecary jars: Mary & Gabrielle Events
Macarons: Pastille Petite Desserts
Food labels: Akimbo
Photography: By me and my brother Liam


12 Responses

  • Jo

    What a gorgeous setting.. that huge French Rococo mirror above the mantlepiece is fabulous.
    Talking of William Morris, I can totally relate to your mother’s addict.. er I mean fondness for the great man’s designs.
    That wrapping paper is a colour varient of a very famous pattern called Chrysanthemum.
    Back in the 90’s my sister used to work in P.R. for Sanderson at their London head office off Oxford Street, and she once took me for a tour of the William Morris archives. OMG !!!!!!
    I’m glad your mum had a good time, and all the stationary looked fantastic… especially the doily bunting..
    Jo xx

  • Oh wow, lucky you!! Mum will be so jealous.

  • Katy

    Hi Alicia, looks lovely what you did for your mum and I hope she really enjoyed the celebration. How did you do the doily biscuits? cheers Katy

  • Hi Katy, I made the doily biscuits using a product called SugarVeil, it’s edible lace.

  • Katy

    Another question Alicia. What were the ISO settings you were using on the camera as a flash doesn’t seem to be have used and you were taking photos inside?

    cheers Katy

  • Katy, sadly I only have a compact camera not an SLR so most of the settings are automatic. A couple of the shots are from Liam’s SLR so I’m not sure what settings were used.

    I don’t use the flash for indoor shots because it produces harsh shadows and uneven light. In this case there was plenty of natural light from the windows and not one but three chandeliers so it worked out OK.

  • Katy

    Hi Alicia,

    last question. What is the brand and model of your digital compact camera? Ours is five years old and I’m thinking of updating especially as it has dropped a few times. Like the photos of your honeymoon so far. It is hard not to be carried away taking lots of photos of the scenery!!!!!

    cheers Katy

  • I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ6, about two years old. The deciding factor was that it had a way better zoom (20x optical) than any other compact model, which is great for capturing the details of landscape and architecture that you’ve seen in the honeymoon photos.
    Tell me about it, I am doing the album and I’m already up to 80 pages! Serious editing required!

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