Ohinemuri 4

Ohinemuri 3

Upon recommendation from a friend, The Man and I stayed at Ohinemuri Estate, a winery with cute cabin-style accommodation near Paeroa.

Ohinemuri 2

The first of many waterwalls we saw.

Waitomo 1

Waitomo 2

An impressive combination of traditional and modern marked the entrance to Waitomo Caves. I have seen limestone caves before but nothing like this. At one point you board a little boat and float out into a pitch black cave where the ceiling is completely covered in glowworms. It looks like a blanket of stars – so magical.

 Waitomo 4

Spooky tree shot #1.

Next up: Rotorua


2 Responses

  • Jo

    The contradiction is amazing… You’ve got English looking cities like Auckland, and as you say Christchurch, and they’re surrounded by this polypolesian paradise with sub tropical vegetation and soaring waterfalls.
    My old man visited Rotorua back in the late 80’s for an Airforce conference, but I’ve never been to NZ. It’s on the bucket list though.
    Jo xx

  • You’re right, definitely a country of great contrast. In some places the landscape goes straight from tropical rainforest to snow-capped mountains.

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