Rotorua Zorbing 1

New Zealand is known as the adventure destination of the world, but hell would freeze over before you’d ever get me to fling myself out of a plane or head-first off a bridge. Now, Zorbing on the other hand, was my kind of ‘extreme’ sport because it reminds me more of fun than of, say, suicide.

Rotorua 4

Rotorua 3

Rotorua 5

Rotorua 7

The eerie views of thermal pools at Rotorua, with the colour (and ghastly smell) caused by sulphur. I swear I have not photoshopped that last one, it really is that green.

Rotorua 1

Spooky tree shot #2.

Next up: Napier


4 Responses

  • Andrea Boundy

    WOW! Looks awesome Alicia!

  • I had to laugh- I was there in February and seriously could not believe the smell- I had to wash my clothes a zillion times when I got home!
    Hope you are having an amazing time!

  • Phew, I’m glad that didn’t happen to me! Or maybe it did but I couldn’t tell ‘cos I had a blocked nose…

  • Jo

    It’s like another planet.. wow, how gorgeous.
    Plus I’m right there with you on the ‘suicide’ mission.. LOL.
    Jo xx

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