For the sake of my Northern Hemisphere readers I’ll try not to rub this in too much, but Spring has well and truly arrived in my part of the world. Yesterday we took our first chance of the season to enjoy eating outside with a long Sunday lunch – life doesn’t get much better than that, right? 

Here’s a reminder of what the courtyard looked like when we finished it two years ago:

Look how it’s grown! 

I’m very happy with how it’s come along, especially since The Man and I are completely new to gardening.  The two trees in the corners (dwarf magnolia and Japanese maple) have barely grown but I’m hoping it’s just that they’re much slower growing compared to the climbing fig and bamboo.


 Speaking of how much the bamboo has grown, check out the photo above. Yes, that would be the bamboo reaching the second storey gutters!


2 Responses

  • Jo

    Rub away.. we had a lovely summer so I hope you get the same.
    The yard looks fabtastic.. although I confess I rather liked the brick paviers.
    Just be careful with that bamboo though. It can be a complete bugger and once it takes hold it can take over and start popping up all over the place.
    Jo xx

  • I’d heard that about bamboo too, so we definitely took that into consideration before deciding to plant. We chose a small, clumping variety and it’s contained in a planter bed so hopefully we’ll be OK and it won’t end up like your pine trees…

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