Tekapo 2

It’s getting colder as we head south, in fact it’s here in Lake Tekapo that The Man sees snow for the first time in his life!

Tekapo 5

Tekapo 1

 Tekapo 4

‘Is that reception? Yeah hi, this is Room 32. Frankly I’m disppointed with my view.’

Tekapo 7

Tekapo 3

On our way to some late-night star gazing. And yes, it was that cold.

Next up: Queenstown


6 Responses

  • Jo

    LOL!!! reminds me of an episode of Fawlty Towers that you’re probably too young to remember, or even know about..
    So in case you don’t.. here it is.
    It will make you smile.


    Jo xx

  • Certainly too young for when it was out originally! Love it though, that’s a classic scene.

  • Jo

    Well even I don’t even remember it from when it was first on.. but it’s constantly being repeated both here and in the UK.
    Just wasn’t sure if it was quite the cult icon in Oz that it is elsewhere.
    They only ever made 12 you know.

  • The Man

    Definite cult status. Who could ever forget the ‘Don’t mention the war’ scene?!

    Alicia didn’t mention but she discovered I’m nerdier than she ever thought when I pulled out questions like “Can we see the Horsehead Nebula?”

  • Jo

    Well if being nerdy makes you a ‘Fatty Owls’ fan then you’re OK in my book..
    Guest ‘Will you stop talking about the war’
    Basil ‘Well you started it’
    Guest ‘Oh no we didn’t’
    Basil ‘Yes you did you invaded Poland’
    Oh and could you ?? surely not without a telescope?

  • That few? That’s a pity, although better than many once-good shows that keep going long after they’re good.

    You could see a lot in terms of galaxies and constellations with the naked eye but we used telescopes to see the details.

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