I’m going to keep quiet and let the pictures do the talking here…

I have to admit it was a little worrying being halfway up a mountain in a little box suspended by wire and hearing a blood-curdling ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!’.

Thankfully it was just this guy bungee jumping right next to us.

Luging: Best. Fun. Ever.

Enjoying a cocktail in a bar made entirely of ice.

Next up: Arrowtown and Gibbston Valley


5 Responses

  • Shirley

    Hi Alicia,
    I just discovered your blog yesterday and subscribed to it. And it must be fate. My husband and I are planning a vacation for the Thanksgiving week, and have been thinking of going to New Zealand. And here you have the whole summary for us of all the interesting places to visit! How perfect! What is the name of the ice bar you went to?


  • Welcome Shirley! What perfect timing indeed.

    It’s called Minus 5 bar ( http://www.minus5experience.com/ ) and make sure you thaw out next door at the cosy Boiler Room. I’ve been a bit light on the details, mostly focussing on sharing the photos, so you are welcome to ask further questions.
    Hope you don’t miss your turkey!

  • Jo

    Oh My God.. !!!!
    And I thought where I live was beautiful.
    And you say I’m a Canadian ! I’m not the one luging, and drinking beer in a sub zero bar ;o)
    Fabulous photos Alicia..
    Did you bungeeeeeeeeeeee by any chance ??
    Jo xx

  • Touche! No way, clearly sipping cocktails is more my thing.

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