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Facebook Like card by Green House Paper

Beep beep beep

That is the sound of me completely reversing my position on social media networks.

After successfully resisting the peer pressure for all these years (call me crazy but I actually prefer to see my friends in person) I decided that my business could do with a bit of techno love. This is when Facebook tells me I need a personal profile before it will allow me to create a business page. Ugh. I realise my initial reasoning about privacy had gotten pretty flimsy (since I now write a public blog and all) and I was a bit sick of missing out on social invitations that had been sent to us via The Man, who rarely checks his profile.

So, I finally created a Facebook personal profile (which will remain so), then set up a page for Akimbo and while I was on a roll I set up another page for Atypical Type A. Since I have clearly turned into a complete marketing whore overnight, I thought why not set up a Flickr account while I’m about it. And don’t forget I recently set up an RSS Feed.

Uh, so thanks joining the rest of us in 2010, but what’s in it for me? 

Glad you asked. Having dedicated marketing for my business means I will be able to keep the sales pitchy stuff to a minimum on the blog. But for those of you who are interested in my work, become a fan and you’ll still never miss out on important announcements. Instead of having a whole post to alert everyone when I’ve been featured elsewhere, I’ll just post a quick update and link. I have put a ton of photos onto Flickr, including lots of angles and details that haven’t made it onto the blog, so that you can browse all our house progress photos in one place. 

Blog updates

While I’m about it, I’d like to take the opportunity to point out some changes I’ve made to the site and posting schedule:

  • I have added a Projects page (click on the pink tab at the top left) so you can browse them all by subject.
  • I do product roundups from time to time and these will now be a more regular feature named Pick & Choose.
  • At the end of each post you will find a Share & Save link for use with your favourite networking, emailing and bookmarking systems.
  • Friday’s Make & Do and Rethink & Reuse posts will now be on alternate weeks rather than alternate fortnights.
  • There’ll be a Happy Monday post to kick off every week on a positive note.
  • Aaand there will be a weekend edition (note to The Man: before you kill me, it doesn’t mean I’ll be working weekends, I will schedule it ahead of time) featuring a lovely photo to get you (and me!) in a relaxed vibe.

I really hope to connect with more of you and that you enjoy the more regular content!


6 Responses

  • Retrojo

    Love all the new changes – and will now need to remember to check in on weekends! Yah!

  • Jo

    Wow Alicia that’s going to be a lot of extra work for you..
    The pages look really good.. but just to let you know so you won’t be offended I don’t join pages or applications ‘cos of the very security issues you mentioned.
    I tried to friend you.. but it seems you can’t with a non person page. :o(
    I would love to friend you if you ever bite the bullit and have a Mrs P page though.. :o)
    Jo xx

  • Jo

    Forgot to say.. like the new ideas for the blog.. I might have to borrow a couple.
    Now we’re even ‘organising’ our blogs now.. will it never end.

  • Thanks Jo 1 and Jo 2!

    Yes it will be more work, but I’m just enjoying it too much! I was finding I had way more ideas than I could fit into my previous blogging schedule so why not?

    No offense taken. You still get a big gold star for being a super commenter.

  • Yes you’re right, I think instead of becoming a Friend you have to be a Fan (as bizarre as that notion is to me) by clicking ‘Like’.

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