cushion cover before

Have you ever read a magazine article that tells you to update your scatter cushions every season and thought, “Nice idea but where the hell am I supposed to store the rest of the sodding things, huh? HUH?”.

cushion cover during

Before you write that threatening letter to the magazine editor, try buying only the cushion covers next time you’re in a mood to freshen up a room. If you’re an Etsy addict like me, you’ll find the sellers post them without the inserts to save shipping costs, and the same principle applies to precious storage space.

cushion cover after

Just slip the new cover over an existing cushion, like I did with this kitschy kiwiana number I picked up on our honeymoon.

cushion cover back


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  • Jo

    Great idea Alicia.. It seems so obvious when you say it out loud.. Doh ! why didn’t I think of that.
    When I first came to Canada I kept seeing allsorts of great cushions but couldn’t understand how I was supposed to wash them because there weren’t any zips to take the covers off.
    Of course back at home covers and inserts are always sold separately so this sewing the stuffing inside thing was very strange to me.
    I bought a couple.. but it soon became apparent that the stuffing breaks down and then they’re ugly, lumpy and useless.
    Haven’t made that mistake again since.. I’d rather make my own covers than buy a stuffed cushion… and now I know where to store them..
    Jo xx

  • Jo

    That navy cushion with the bells/flowers?? on is cute btw.

  • Ugh, really? That is bizarre.

    It’s great that you can sew your own… but luckily for me there’s Etsy!

  • Julia

    Can you remember the name of the shop and where you got this cushion cover? Failing that does it have a manufacturing label inside which names the company? I just really love it – Thanks!

    • Hi Julia

      I bought it at a little shop in Auckland, New Zealand. Unfortunately there’s no tag, sorry! I’d try searching for ‘vintage teatowel cushion cover’ on Etsy.

      Hope that helps!

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