glass cupboard before    glass cupboard after

The cupboard where we keep the glassware in our kitchen is a decent height but had only one shelf, resulting in oodles of wasted space. I popped over to the hardware store (a minute’s walk away – gotta love that!) and had them cut a piece of laminated shelf to size which I then installed within literally five minutes.

You might notice the new crisp white shelf doesn’t match the original beige interiors, so it’s not exactly the prettiest storage ever, but I’m loving the extra functionality. Not only is it much more convenient than digging through cabinets to find the other glasses, it has also freed up loads of room where they had previously been stored. Not bad for ten dollars and ten minutes’ work.


3 Responses

  • Jo

    A minute’s walk away ??
    Dreamland !!!

  • Especially since we always seem to forget something on the first trip.

  • Jo

    Usually the ONE thing you actually went there for !!

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