A couple of weeks back I hinted about a big surprise that was coming to our lounge room. Well here is the big reveal!

Having lived together for over two years before getting married, The Man and I were all set for kitchenware and towels, so in lieu of a traditional gift registry for our wedding, we opted for a piece of original artwork. We went gallery-hopping when visiting Melbourne earlier this year and discovered this Danish artist named Pabi at Brood Box Gallery. We really dug his style but none of the pieces were quite right in terms of size, so we had one commissioned. We didn’t specify anything about content or style (he’s an artist after all, we wanted it to be a result of his normal process) and we hadn’t even seen a photo until the finished piece arrived a few weeks ago. Here it is:

wedding artwork

He called it Love is Everything, isn’t that sweet? It’s so striking from afar, but we love how when you get up close, there’s so much detail like electronic shapes, animals and urban scenes.

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wedding artwork 3

wedding artwork 4

It turned out that we had insanely generous guests, so we unexpectedly had contributions that exceeded the cost of the painting. We decided to use the extra to replace our chunky old TV with a  new flat one (cue The Man’s excitement). I was picturing something only a bit bigger than our current one, but nice and sleek. But due to The Man’s serious bargain finding and my not realising how big an inch is, we ended up with this:

TV and art dilemma

Painting, what painting?

This weekend’s job is to work out a plan B because clearly this set up is not going to work!

Has anyone else experienced a design dilemma like this?


11 Responses

  • Jo

    Ha !! I knew it.
    Well I was half right anyway.
    I have never heard of commissioned art for a wedding gift before.. what a blinding idea.

    Could it go higher.. not too high, just a bit higher? Or what about switching it with the one over the sideboard..
    Hang on.. now I have to go back to the ‘living room post’ and suss out the options again.

  • Jo

    Ok what’s on the wall above the dining table? You could put the fabric on canvas there and your new piece over the side board where it would be the first thing you see when you come through the front door.

  • Yeeah all great thoughts but it is flipping huge and doesn’t even fit on the wall above the wash stand or behind the dining table!

    Sadly no, it can’t go any higher because of the airconditioner.

  • Jo

    What are you going to do ??

  • Retrojo

    What about the wall that you share with next door – as you go up the stairs? Not ideal, but at least it might fit on that wall.

  • I’m going to measure up the study to see if it fits where the yellow canvas is, otherwise you’re right Retrojo, it will have to go in the stairwell.

  • The Man

    Jo – if you’re referring to you being “right” because I bought a stupidly large TV – I hate to tell you I actually -didn’t- want to get it! 😛 It was cheaper than the two models below it price wise, AND it came with a free home theatre system + 5 years warrantee. Can you argue against a bargain like that?

  • @ The Man
    Easy, tiger. She was just saying she guessed that the surprise was a new TV.

  • The Man

    *hands in the air* okay officer I’ll give myself in! 😛 You know how defensive I am about people stereotyping masculinity…

    I retract my exasperated tone and defensive comment. :)

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