All this talk of the lounge lately and I’ve never shown you the other end of the room which acts as a dining area. Here it is with the former owner’s furniture:

Just to orientate you, that’s the laundry door, the doorway to the kitchen is just out of the picture on the left and the timber you can see in the corner is the staircase.

This is how it looked for the first 18 months we lived here. I see a dining setting as an investment and was happy to wait until we could afford something special so we lived with the in-law’s wonky 70s hand-me-down pine table instead of wasting money on a nicer but temporary solution.

dining area

Our engagement brought lots of requests for gift ideas, so we asked for contributions to a dining setting. I was not expecting much change from four figures for a seriously good dining table, but I found this Tasmanian oak beauty for less than $300 at one of my fave antique stores. It came with chunky old upholstered chairs and the owner wouldn’t sell it to me without the chairs, but then the delivery guy offered to take them off my hands in lieu of payment for delivery – sweet! I love mixing old and new, nowhere more so than dining tables and chairs, and these replica Eames chairs from Milan Direct fit the bill. The crisp, glossy white is a beautiful contrast with the traditional style and natural imperfections of the table, but the timber legs prevent it looking too jarrring.

There are still a number of finishing touches I’d like to make, but I’m really pleased with the progress.


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  • Jo

    That table’s a diamond Alicia. A diamond and a bargain. I used to work for a store here in town that imports a lot of salvaged & repurposed Indonesian teak, and it has a lot of the same qualities. Rich deep colour and a really soft patina.
    I love the smooth sleek lines of the chairs too. Very smart !!
    Will the wedding art absolutely not fit on that wall ?? or do you just not like it there ??
    Jo xx

  • Thanks! That Indonesian furniture sounds wonderful too.
    No it literally won’t fit! :(

  • Jo

    Bummer dude.. it must be HUGE !!

    The teak stuff is gorgeous. We have kitchen island from the store where I used to work. Solid Teak.. weighs 500lbs. I’ll do a post on it and show you.
    Jo xx

  • Yes it’s enormous! It would fit on any number of walls in a regular house but very awkward in a unit.
    Great, I’ll keep an eye out for your post.

  • Katy

    Hi Alicia, did you repaint the green walls in the lounge room or was the lighting different when you took the before and after photos.

    cheers Katy

  • Believe it or not, it’s exactly the same Katy. Different lighting makes it look like a different room! The first one was at night with the flash and the second one was flooded with morning light without the flash.

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