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Akimbo Regency cards

I’ve been working on this latest collection for some time so I am pleased to announce its release at long last. Regency is inspired by the intricate illustrations and refined engraved type of the 19th century with bright colours and colloquial wording to bring them into the modern world.

Regency get better soon card Regency you rule card
Regency sympathy card Regency it's about time card 
Regency hey sexy card Regency birthday card

There are a couple that are specific to one occasion, but I generally prefer to leave it vague so that the buyer can decide what they would like to use it for. I have already used the ‘It’s about time’ card a couple of times for long-awaited engagements, but it could also suit a graduation after years of study, an overdue retirement or welcome home after years away. Similarly, the ‘You rule’ sentiment could work as a thank you for a favour, congratulations on a job well done or just to remind someone how special they are. Anyone who’s sick of fat and bald jokes on birthday cards will appreciate the more uplifting ‘Another year wiser’.

Regency moving card

To complement the greeting cards, there’s also a fill-in moving announcements, so friends have no excuse not to send you that Christmas card!

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14 Responses

  • Jo

    I LOVE the fob watch and the corset.
    The watch would be great for someone who’s FINALLY passed their driving test.
    And the corset as a well done to a successful dieter.
    Nice one…
    Jo xx

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