Obsess & Inspire - Squirrels

Fun wallpaper by Aimée Wilder | Cute bookends by Cocoon Couture | Elegant Arts & Crafts era squirrel and dove pattern from Sanderson Wallpaper | Nutcracker, Alessi style | J.Mendicino has the most adorable and unique vase I’ve seen in a long time | Pretty silhouete forest giclee print from Sugar Fresh

If you were sensing a theme from my Woodland Christmas collection, you’d be absolutely right! I can’t get enough of these adorable critters, especially in these lovely natural, white and red colours.


2 Responses

  • Jo

    Love the grey art in the white frame..
    There is so much gorgeous stuff at fabulous prices on ESTY.. yours included dear. ;o)

  • Well I don’t think I have anything frameable yet, maybe next year!

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