I recently showed you this unfortunate scene of our embarrassingly large new TV covering the amazing painting we received for our wedding:

TV and art dilemma

Firstly, thanks to everyone who suggested solutions when I mentioned our dilemma. Unfortunately the painting is too big to fit on the wall above the washstand, behind the dining table OR in the study and there was no way to rearrange the telly or furniture either. Which left us with only one option: inside the stairwell. 

ladder in stairwell

It is a huge wall, but doesn’t allow for optimal viewing due to the narrow space and lack of light (hence the atrocious photos). Being on stairs, it is also a difficult space to access (as we found out when painting it). I was extremely relieved when The Man had his feet back on solid ground (not that I was volunteering; I call myself a Selective Feminist).

painting in stairwell

After all that, here it finally is… and where it is most definitely going to remain!


6 Responses

  • Jo

    Wow.. it’s a big sucker. Well now you have to work your socks off to get a bigger place to hang it.
    ‘The Man’ is very very brave, and has my admiration.
    Jo xx

  • Thanks for the reminder!

  • The Man

    Thanks Jo :) That’s the second time I’ve been hanging around in that stairwell – although the scaffold we had when we painted was just a smidge safer!

  • …but significantly more problematic when it came to going upstairs to use the loo.

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