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Scrabble tile ornament

You know me, not even my Christmas tree is immune from typography influences.

Scrabble tile ornament tutorial materials

You will need:

  • scrabble tiles
  • power drill with fine bit
  • metal skewer
  • thread
  • needle

Instructions:Scrabble tile ornament tutorial 1

1. Make a small pilot hole with the metal skewer in the top of each tile  to prevent the bit slipping.

2. Drill through the height of each tile. Edit: Please please don’t be stupid like me and drill it between your hands! You should use a vice so you don’t end up in casualty just before Christmas like reader Jasmine’s fella.

Scrabble tile ornament tutorial 2

3. Using the needle, pass the thread through all three tiles starting from the bottom. When you get to the top, thread it back through, leaving a loop at the top.

4. Tie off the thread after the last letter (you’ll have to do it a few times to make sure the knot is bigger than the hole).

I think this ‘Joy’ ornament would be great in a set with ‘Peace’ and ‘Hope’. What would you spell out?


17 Responses

  • Jo

    Doesn’t it make it a bit difficult to play Scrabble though ?? ;o

  • More difficult is the fact that we don’t have a Scrabble board.

  • Jo

    Nuff said..

  • Jasmine

    NOOOO!!! Don’t hold the tile in your hand when you are drilling it – use a vice!
    My Sweetheart savagely sliced his hand just before Christmas – at the Hand Clinic there were THREE young blokes who had drilled through their hands. THREE of them in one visit! (And The Sweetheart didn’t drill through his hand, his 65 stitches were from other idiocy).
    For Jo and Alicia – you can buy Scrabble tiles on the net. Google ’em.
    Lovely blog, thank you!

    • I know Jasmine, not very smart of me. My gosh, I’m sorry to hear about your partner hurting himself. I don’t have a vice so I took my chances. But I have now updated the tutorial with your safety recommendation. Thanks for keeping me in check!

      Yep, I bought the scrabble tiles online (Etsy), I think Jo was making fun of me cos she thought I was ruining a perfectly good Scrabble set :)

  • suzanne

    You don’t even have one vice? Such a noble woman! : > )
    A vise, however, you could probably find at a hardware store.

    • LOL Suzanne, as a word nerd myself I do appreciate the input. However it’s ‘vice’ in Australian English :)

  • Toni

    This is will make an awesome inexpensive Christmas gift for each of my sisters!
    (I have three and a sister in law)We always play scrabble when we are together, or via the web since we all live in different states.
    You can also look for used Scrabble games at the thrift stores. Plus here in the states you can buy a new game for ten bucks.
    If you don’t have a vice you can use needle nose pliers or a monkey wrench.

    Thanks so much!

    • Sounds perfect for your sisters! Thanks for the tips and glad you enjoyed the tutorial :)

  • 59213 774281There is an ending. Just remember that I meant for this to be an art game. I do feel like I spent an inordinate amount of time on the more traditional gameplay elements, which may make the meaning of the game a bit unclear. If you mess around with it though, you

  • Preeti

    Hi Alicia.. Loved this idea. its so simple & meaningful too.
    I’ve taken the liberty of posting your link on my google plus page since I cudnt +d from here for my page.

    Thanks so much for spreading your creativity around,

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