Obsess & Inspire - Dexter posters

I’m not much of a TV watcher, but I’ve been absolutely ploughing through Dexter to entertain myself as I package cards. I’d now call myself a fan of everybody’s favourite serial killer, but clearly not as much as Ty of Mattson Creative who made this incredible poster series.

Don’t you just love the high-contrast mid-century style? It reminds me a bit of Saul Bass’s poster for the 1955 movie The Man with the Golden Arm.

The show’s producers got wind of them and love them so much they asked if they could sell the limited edition screenprints, along with newly-designed mini prints, mugs and t-shirts. Get yours here.


2 Responses

  • The Man

    Love these. It’s great how so many aspects of the series are captured so well. Even little details like the shelving system in his apartment!

  • 418345 448767Sounds like some thing a lot of baby boomers should study. The feelings of neglect are there in many levels when a single is over the hill. 547775

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