Once the present-opening frenzy has died down, you’re left with a huge pile of wrapping paper and cards. Ease the environmental guilt and get ahead for next year with these ideas for repurposing the Christmas leftovers (and no, I’m not talking turkey).

Christmas cards

Martha Stewart

Punch out circles and make a variety of Christmas tree ornaments

Make napkin rings

Real Simple

Lay out a collage-style table runner

Cut into festive shapes to use as place cards or gift tags

If you have any left, recycle with Planet Ark 

Wrapping paper


Shred and make a wreath

Huge present? Make a cubby house from the box for the little ones

Cover a plain note card and use as a thank you card

Cover a notebook to write down gift and decoration ideas throughout the year

Make a paper chain garland

Martha Stewart

Cut out circles of metallic paper to make New Years party decorations

Shred paper as use as gift box padding

Make festive bunting

Cover storage boxes of Christmas decorations so they’re easily identifiable

Cut into rectangles, laminate and use as placemats


How about you? Do you have any great ideas to minimise Christmas paper waste?


3 Responses

  • Jo

    I confess I DID think Turkey when I read the heading for your post today floss.
    Oh boy was I happy when I realised I was wrong.
    Love the ideas above especially the shredded wreath… and the chains of circles cut from old cards.
    I confess that I cut up about 3/4 of my cards to use as gift tags for next year. I do it with birthday cards for non xmas gifts too.
    But I also keep the really nice cards and put them back up next year.. you can enjoy them for longer and it makes you look more popular than you really are when visitors come round. ;o)
    Happy New Year’s Eve Alicia
    Since you will see it first.. have a great one,
    and a wonderful 2011..
    Jo xx
    p.s. I really like those little white china holey votive holders.

  • That’s hilarious about putting up the cards again next year! Your popularity must be intimidating for guests 😉

    Those votives are cute aren’t they? I also just spotted in the last photo they’ve repurposed tart tins as votives.

    Thanks Jo, we had a great New Years Eve and I hope you and Bill did too.

  • Jo

    Yep.. it’s true.. I am hugely popular !! and my guests are all sad muppets who only get 20 or 30 cards a year. ;o)

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