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I don’t set new year’s resolutions as such, but I am quite goal-oriented so it’s a great time to think about how I’m going to go about achieving those goals. I don’t think I’ve ever done this aloud, let alone broadcast over the internet, so I have to admit to being a little nervous to posting much more personal content than I’m accustomed to. The reason I’m stepping out of my comfort zone is that a) I feel it’s only fair to tell my loyal readers what you can expect from me and b) so I am accountable.

Business-wise, well let’s just say that I dream big. I have a ton more invitation collections in the pipeline, which will enable more customers to go the more affordable route of choosing existing designs. There are also additions to the greeting and stationery ranges in the works (sign up to keep up with the goss!). For privacy reasons, I don’t publish customers’ bespoke jobs until after their wedding, so they’ll start popping up from around March. I want to make the ordering process as simple as possible for customers, so I plan to integrate the ordering and payment functions into my website, rather than being transferred to my Etsy shop. It’s a huge undertaking so don’t hold your breath, but it will happen. And when it does, it will be awesome! If you’re local and prefer shopping at bricks-and-mortar locations, I’m also negotiating further wholesale contracts so expect to see Akimbo stuff popping up around Adelaide.

In terms of this ‘ere blog I have SO MANY ideas it’s not funny and I’m really excited to share them with you through the course of the year. The balance of topics will remain much the same, but I do plan on having some themed weeks/months. For example, in May you can expect lots of party projects, tips, free printables and gift ideas as we celebrate Birthday Month. I am also working to continually improve my photography so I hope this becomes evident. I am still in negotiations with wedding magazines regarding featuring our wedding, so until that’s sorted I can’t publish any of my photos or the rest of the DIY projects. It’s killing me!

On the home front, we don’t have any major plans at this stage so it’ll be a matter of see-how-she-goes. Since quitting my job six months ago to start my own business, the piggy bank is looking thinner these days. But instead of feeling too frustrated I’m looking at it as a challenge: after all, sometimes the most creative ideas come from having to work within a limited budget. The Man doesn’t know it yet but I’d love to do a budget bathroom makeover this year, given that it’s the only room we haven’t touched since moving in so it’s looking pretty sad. There’ll also be a fair bit of newlywed nesting going on, with finding creative ways to display wedding photos and honeymoon souvenirs and incorporating wedding gifts and repurposed wedding decorations into our decor.

Personally-speaking, I am looking forward to settling into a nice routine after having a schedule that was all over the place in 2010. I need to learn to control the ‘Must. Keep. Working.’ urge and cultivate some balance in my life. I’d love to blow the dust off my neglected cookbooks (sadly not kidding about the dust) and get back into the kitchen. Our family jokes that our wedding set something in motion, becauase between then and returning from our honeymoon, five couples we know have got engaged in addition to two more earlier in the year! So I think 2011 will be somewhat of a love-fest.  And what better thing to focus on?

I think 2011 is going to be a wonderful year and I hope you’ll stick with me for the ride!


6 Responses

  • The Man

    Alas, the man knows less about the year’s plans than the entire world. At least I knew what I was in for before I married her 😉

  • Jo

    It never does too well to keep a man too well informed Ryan.
    But come November you’ll look back at 2011 and think most of what you did was YOUR idea.

    • I do it for your own good. You would flip out if I told you all of my ideas for the house all at once. (But I do like how you think the entire world reads my blog.)

    • I should try that: “Sweetie, you know how you said you wanted to do up the bathroom this year…”

  • Jo

    Sounds like a plan. !!
    Oh and Mrs P, you mean the whole world doesn’t read your blog ??
    I’m mortified ;o)

  • The Man

    Jo, I am deeply offended by this consistent, slanderous, sexist stereotyping you aim at me. Please stop or I may be forced to travel to Canadia to burp loudly, leave the toilet seat up, make (un)wise cracks about attractive women and speak to your husband about your requirement to quit socialising online and get back to the kitchen to make us pie!

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