Hello lovelies! Did you have a good Christmas and New Years? I had a blissful week off and returned to work and blogging yesterday. My compulsion to do lots of projects around the house was at odds with my no-spending-money mantra lately, so I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, but that’s probably a good thing because it forced me to relax! (Plus, I’ll be able to share plenty of budget-friendly ideas soon.)

Christmas tree 2010

Mr Postman didn’t deliver some of the presents I’d bought until Christmas Eve (boy, was I glad to see him!) so I didn’t wrap my presents til then. That, plus the fact that I had pre-scheduled last week’s posts so I could have a break, means that you are only seeing my wrapping now. So apologies if you are totally over Christmas now but here is a little wrapup (no pun intended) of decorations and pressies.

wrapped Christmas presents

wrapped Christmas presents

I carried through my Woodland theme into the wrapping, with brown paper and plenty of red details and crafty elements.

wrapped Christmas presents   wrapped Christmas presents

wrapped Christmas presents

Swing tags are great, but it’s fun to switch up the labelling with a bit of hand-stamping.

wrapped Christmas presents

Imagine my delight when The Man anticipated my gift wrapping theme and made his tie in with it! Looks like my Type A tendencies are rubbing off on him. Oh, and if you’re wondering what is going on with the label, there is a bit of a back-story there. Since getting married, I quite often pop out to the letterbox as a normal person and return as a fuming feminist, muttering things about what century we are living in. You see, on every single one of the bazillion forms I had to fill in to change my name, I clearly put my title as Ms but nine times out of ten the returning letter was addressed to Mrs Parsons. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud to be my fella’s Mrs and like to go by that title in my personal life, but I don’t see what relevance my status has to anyone but my friends and family (and more to the point, why can’t these people just read the form properly?). But what really gets the steam coming out of my ears is letters addressed to Mrs Ryan Parsons. Arggh! I was happy to change my surname but can’t I at least keep my first name??

Ahem, sorry, rant over. Clearly hit a bit of a nerve there. Point is it’s become a running joke now hence The Man’s label on my Christmas present.

Aaaaanyway, I’m pretty sure you’re not here for a discussion on patriarchal social constructs, so let’s get back to the pretty things shall we?

Red and white folk Christmas ornament

button wreath ornament

Scrabble tile ornament

I did several ornament tutorials, but here’s another one I made that didn’t get its own post since it was uber easy. I found these cute birdie wooden beads at a craft store and just threaded through some ribbon. I kept it to one per ribbon, but you could do a stack of three birds, separated by plain round beads.

wrapped Christmas presents

Felt letter to Santa

What did Santa bring you? I know I was very lucky: I scored a typography book, guillotine, craft tools, my favourite (discontinued) perfume and a potplant, amongst others. Does my family know me or what? 

Oak leaf garland

No-sew table runner

gingerbread star tree

Washi tape pegs

Felt wreath

type drawer advent calendar

I think it’s fine to keep Christmas decorations up until New Years Day, but this year I put them up quite early so even though I really liked them, I was ready to take them down virtually as soon as the leftover turkey had been put in the fridge. We have a small house so decorations can make it feel a bit cluttered and claustrophobic, so now that they’re down I’m enjoying the fresh and spacious feeling.


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  • Jo

    Do you remember a couple of months back on Chez Larsson, Benita had some photos from a trade show where there was a lot of Moomin merchandise. It started a whole discussion about the books and childhood memories etc ??
    Well [amongst other stuff] I got the whole set for Xmas !
    My hubby’s a sweetie too.
    Jo xx
    I must confess I don’t really enjoy the decorations until after Christmas. There’s so much to do beforehand that I don’t get to sit down ’til the day after Boxing day. So I leave them up ’til 12th night… that way I can relax and really take them in.

  • I had to go back into her archives to refresh my memory. It didn’t stick with me when I read it because I’m not familiar with Moomin. (Here’s the link if anyone wants to know what on earth we’re talking about:
    Very cute, aren’t you lucky! I watched the movie Miss Potter the other day and that conjured up childhood memories of reading Beatrix Potter. I was watching it going, ‘Eee! look look that’s the real Jemima Puddleduck!’ Ryan was like ‘okaaaaaaay’.

  • Yes Christmastime is a bit like that isn’t it? It’s nice to take the time to relax and enjoy the decorations, even if it has to be after the day.

  • Jo

    The Moomins are a very European thing so I didn’t expect you to know them really..
    I should have popped in a link.. my bad.
    I love Beatrix Potter.. but can’t abide Reeeenie Zellwiggler. ;o)
    I imagine you liked the scenery in the movie though.. it was filmed where she lived in the Lake Dictrict, which if you remember I said I was reminded of by NZ.

  • The Man

    Link fail (had a bracket in it):

    Btw… did you see? I wrapped! And I got praised for my style! This is all too much.

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    They’re really convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are too brief for starters.

    May you please extend them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

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