Before you scream ‘whaaat, you’re already talking about NEXT Christmas?!’, bear with me. There are a couple of easy things you can do while you’re packing everything away to make life so much easier when next December rolls around. Your future self will thank you.

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Buy on sale
I know some people suggest buying all your gifts, cards and wrapping paper a year ahead at the sales. As much as I appreciate a little forward planning, I think that’s overkill. Besides, I have limited cupboard space so I don’t want to waste it storing festive consumables. However, I do like to use the opportunity freshen up the ornament collection at half price, especially since we’re in the early years of living independently and haven’t yet built up a big collection.

Label your decorations
When you pack up after Christmas this year, place similar items in each box and label them according to use. To make things easier you might even like to label some of the individual items, so you don’t pull out two almost-identical garlands and wonder (as you do every year) which is the one that fits the mantle and which goes on the stairs? Go one step further and pack them back in the cupboard so that the box you need first (say, the card display or advent calendar) is easily accessible and the items you need last (like table decorations) are at the back.

Repurpose your remnants
Use some of the ideas in this post to reuse this year’s cards and wrap into original pieces for next year. Not only will you have a head-start on next year’s supplies, but you’ll also be reducing waste.

Make notes on your recipes
When you only make something once a year, it’s easy to forget those tweaks you decided you’d make next time. Jot down some notes when you think of them though, and you’ll be on your way to perfecting that family favourite.


6 Responses

  • Jo

    Great ideas all…
    Only today I bought 8 clear [real] glass dangles and a red one for the tree from one of my fave shops. They were 50% off plus I had a $10 voucher from points I’d collected so in the end I paid $8.50 for 9 decorations that were originally almost $40.
    Are you proud of me ?? ;o)
    I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more tree decs this year but I couldn’t resist.

    Jo xx

    • Great bargain! And the clear decs will be so versatile with any colour combo you like.

  • Jo

    That’s what I figured. You can’t go wrong with clear glass right ?!

  • The Man

    My past self is very appreciative of your past self for making my future self’s Christmas future proof. :)

    • Did I marry Dr Seuss?

  • The Man

    Marry Dr Seuss nor Yoda you did not.

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