Never mind the baby, I think it would be ME who’d be crying if this was how my bedroom looked.

bedroom before 2

bedroom before 1

The owners of the home (the creative couple at Rambling Renovators) obviously agreed that it wasn’t the restful retreat they needed as new parents, so they embarked on a much-needed makeover.

bedroom after 1

bedroom after 5

Incredible, right? I’m sure I’m not the only one who had to do a double-take to check it was the same room. There’s so much awesome going on I can’t decide which bit’s my favourite. The William Morris inspired curtains… the faux panelling… the capiz pendant light… all amazing features individually but it’s been brought together with such finesse too. 

Read the full story here.

Update: Rambling Renovators has added a tutorial to show how she achieve the panelled wall.


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  • Jo

    Love this room..
    The faux panelling is definitely my fave.. and the bedside cabinets.
    What I wonder is how they got rid of the chimney breast…? I’m guessing they just drywalled straight across it.
    Your mum would like those curtains eh Alicia.
    When does a faux panel actually become a real panel I wonder ?? When it grows up and leaves home I suppose.
    Jo xx

  • Jo

    BTW you frightened the s**t out of me.. I thought you were pregnant !!

  • LOL no! Although judging by the comments in my post the other day, you’ll be the first to know. Kidding, sweetie!!

    Oh, and HEY! Not that frightening a prospect for the world is it?!

  • If you go to the original post, she says they built up the wall around the sticky-out bit. She doesn’t specify how but yes I would assume with drywall.

    Gold star for good memory! That was my first thought too. I’d better email her with it (I don’t actually think she reads my blog!).

    Hmm, that’s a conundrum. I guess they use faux to mean reproduction as opposed to original. But then what did they call it 100 years ago?

  • Yes, our Before bedroom was pitiful, wasn’t it? Thanks so much for the feature :) We did build out the wall around the bump-out. The husband built a wood frame in front of the bump out (so we wouldn’t have to deal with blending old drywall and new drywall) and drywalled a whole new wall. I stood by and took pictures 😉

    And if you like my curtains, I got them from Tonic Living. They sell fabric and do custom orders. They were 1/3 of the price my regular seamstress was charging me so definitely a good deal if you’re looking for custom drapery! Cheers.

    • Hi Wanderluster

      The pitiful befores make for the best before-and-after shots!

      Thanks for the extra info on the curtains and wall. I was thinking that just filling in the gaps with drywall might start to show the join after a while, so your idea was smart.

      Looking forward to following what’s up your sleeve this year.

  • Jaime

    Looks wonderful, but where did they put the baby?!

    • Bub got her own room :)

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