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Typography coasters by Evil Mad Scientist | Bookmarks by Elsita | Jewellery tree by Bird of Play | Owl clock by Decoy Lab | Bird mobile by Petit Collage | Light bulb lamp by Suck UK

I’ve been in love with laser cut timber accessories ever since I bought the clock in our dining area. Here are some more fab examples, including one that you can make yourself (the coasters). The technique lends itself to flat, bold shapes, but 3D shapes (such as the lamp) and incredibly intricate detail of the storybook bookmarks can also be achieved.

Timber is a great way to warm up a room, and a laser cut wood item will add the lovely natural texture without looking too rustic.


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  • Jo

    Aren’t they fabulous.. I remember when laser cut screens and radiator covers first appeared in the UK.. a firm called Jali [which is a specific kind on Indian screen style] was the first to offer them widely.
    Jo xx

    • Radiators aren’t common here, but I lurve the shutters. Thanks for giving us the heads-up!

  • Jo

    Btw.. having read back a few days.. how are you ever going to be able to play scrabble again.. I know you don’t have a board but now you don’t have any letters either..
    Very sad.. ;o(

    • I don’t think I’ve even played scrabble in ten years and I’ve never owned a set so I figure it’s no different now than before!

  • The Man

    *has Scrabble on laptop in case of emergency*

  • Jo

    Way to go Ryan…
    They don’t have rad’s here on the West coast either, mostly electric heaters or forced air.
    Out of curiousity Mrs P where did you get the letters from if it wasn’t from an old set ??
    Jo xx

    • I bought the letters on Etsy.

  • Jo

    Blimey.. you really can get enything there can’t you.

    • I know – I barely shop anywhere else now for presents and craft supplies.

  • Jo

    anything even

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