After creating this mini gallery wall in the laundry without spending a single cent, I thought I’d start a series on affordable art as I mentioned yesterday. First up we have the sweet little scene in the top left frame.

laundry art wall

It came from an art book that I’d inherited following the passing of my great auntie some years ago. She had quite the book collection and was very interested in art, so when the family was going through her house and I was allowed to take a few books I chose this one.

Innocent Art cover

I was taken by the naive style, although I must admit not all of the artworks were winners:

framed book art

Yikes. Not really what I had in mind.

 framed book art

This was more like it! The frame I already had lying around, so it was just a matter of carefully slicing out the page and trimming it to size. I know some people get thingy about ruining books. But the way I see it, I am honouring the book’s contents more by having it on display for us (and any visitors) to see and enjoy it every day, rather than the book gathering dust or being chucked out.

Anyway, I have been meaning to frame this for years so I’m stoked that it is finally up. It makes me smile every time I see it.


19 Responses

  • Jo

    Love the scrabble letters in the shadow box.
    I like to cut up calanders too. For the size and quality of print you can find, they make for REALLY cheap art.
    Jo xx

    • Ssh! You’re spoiling the next post!!

  • Sylvia Parsons

    Lucky she wasnt my Aunt, or there would be pussy cat prints all through the house :) aaagh tee hee

    • She was a very funky auntie, no frilly stuff or tacky prints. If I had moved out a few years earlier I could have bought some of her way cool mid-century furniture.

  • I think this is brilliant! I, too, like to revive imagery in old books: but I hadn’t considered framing some of the photos I enjoy. Great idea! And I like how clean everything looks in your laundry room. Nice!

    • Thanks, Julie. Your gift tags are really cute (and I looove the photo of the colourful ribbons drying on the rack).

      Happy crafting!

  • Jo

    Ooops sorry luv. My bad ;o)

    • Hehe it’s all good. I don’t think anyone comes here for the suspense.

  • Jo

    ROTFLMAO !!!!

  • The Man

    Aww man! And here I was with my eyes glued to the screen waiting for the next feature project. THANKS Jo. 😛 LOL

    • Ryan, you do realise that you don’t have to wait for the post, the latest project will already be somewhere in the house…

  • The Man

    *NB. sarcasm intended only because I saw her make them! 😛 LOL

  • Jo

    Sorry man !!
    But Ryan if this is how excited you get waiting for the birth of each new post.. then you will make a wonderful father.
    And believe me you’ll get to see her make him/her too !! but it will be a much longer wait ;o)
    Jo xx

    • LMAO, I don’t know what to say to that, except to say if only it was as painless as blogging!

  • Jo

    Frankly I’d like an epidural just to do a blog post these days. I’m right uninspired.

    • I noticed you’d gone AWOL on your blog. I’m sure inspiration will strike when you least expect it. :)

  • Jo

    Fingers crossed.

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