Today I’m pleased to announce a new feature on Aytpical Type A! As you may know, I’m a graphic designer specialising in wedding invitations. I figure some people might have seen some of my designs but were wondering how it would fit into an overall style, especially some of the more off-the-wall varieties. But don’t fret if you’re not in the market for bridal ideas, there will be plenty of themes suitable for all kinds of celebrations, not just weddings. So here’s the first of what will become a regular mood board inspired by an Akimbo invitation.

Akimbo Picnic wedding inspiration boardImage sources: bridal party | sandwiches | rings | invitationssignbouquet | pie | favours | lemonade stand

If you start breaking out in hives thinking about a traditional wedding with a stuffy formal reception, not to mention working out seating arrangements for feuding families, then a casual picnic affair could be just the ticket. Spread out some rugs and cushions and serve up individual picnic lunches in brown paper bags or baskets and send guests home with some yummy homemade jam favours. Set up an area for croquet or bocce and some cold lemonade for a post-game thirst quencher. Add some rustic charm with raw timber, handwriting and mismatched plates.

Doesn’t that sound like a fun wedding?

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