Obsess & Inspire - Birdcage patternsLight by Peca | Rubber stamp set by Yellow Owl | Decal by Smiley Walls | Doona cover by Urban Outfitters |  Tea towel by Ferm Living | Wallpaper by Graham & Brown

I was working on a project involving a birdcage (come back tomorrow to see what it is) and it reminded me about all the cute birdcage-inspired homewares I’ve seen lately. I love the mid-century vibe of the bed linen and the abstracted concept of the light fitting. I’m not a fan of decals except in kids’ rooms like this adorable nursery.

Super bonus commenter points if you can come up with your own Catalog Living-style caption to that last image.


4 Responses

  • Jo

    ‘Elaine hoped that the book’s final suggestion on how best get pregnant would be a winner’
    Jo xx

    • Hahaha great work, ladies, keep ’em coming!

  • hahaha. i’ve been thinking all day of a caption, but haven’t been inspired. after jo’s, I have to wonder…WHO impregnated elaine?! where is the bird that belongs in that cage?!

  • Jo

    Well Britt.. I sincerely hope it’s Gary.
    I did wonder about the cage myself.. so what about this ?

    ‘Elaine hoped her new skirt would distract her boss enough that he wouldn’t notice she had allowed his prized Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo escape it’s cage’

    Jo xx

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