The no-cost gallery wall in the laundry turned into a bit of a framing rampage. This time the boring spot to makeover was behind the front door. 

  entry after

Siiigh, I love this little spruced up corner now, all done without spending any moolah. Here it is a bit closer: 

entry gallery wall

There is a fair bit of colour already in our lounge, so I went black and white to prove that I can be all sophisticated-like.

 Ramona print

The letterpressed song lyrics you may recognise from my desk. That’s also where I swiped the asymmetrical frame (below) from, so there’s a whole lot of nothing on my desk right now. (And you know what that means? Another project!)

art deco tile & framed card

My fave part of this wall is the tile that we bought on our honeymoon in the art deco city of Napier in New Zealand. (The pattern looks better horizontally but unfortunately the hook didn’t agree. Hopefully it stops bugging me.) The pink and black illustration is another souvenir.

I’ll share more details of the rest of the items in later posts. But for now, I’d like to know about your decorating momentum. Have you ever done a project and had it lead onto another?


10 Responses

  • Jo

    You know this kind of art collage is my favourite way to display art so you’re already on to a winner as far as I’m concerned.
    I agree about the tile but I like it well enough as it is.
    If it continues to annoy you though you could try, either using some resin to fix a new hanger to the back. Or find another tile of the same size and shape to hang next to it. That would balance the symmetry with the pink dandelion print on the other side.
    Jo xx
    Oh and to answer your question.. I can’t think of any project I’ve ever done that DIDN’T lead to another.. that’s why everything’s half bloody finished. ;o)

    • It’s not actually a hook on the back of the tile, the tile itself is actually made with a wedge cut out of it to slip directly onto a wall hook. I thought about attaching a hook but I wanted it to sit flat against the wall. I think I’m just going to have to stop whingeing and get used to it hung the ‘wrong’ way.

      LOL good point, that is the problem with one project leading to another.

  • Jo

    Could you create a secondary groove in the back with one of those little Dremmel tools or something?

    • Eep! I’d be too scared the tile would crack.

  • I’d be really interested to hear how you attached the bulldog clip to the wall? Just bluetack? Double sided tape? I live in a rental & love the idea, but a 3M strip seems like it would be too bulky?

    • Hi Breeahna, it’s a 3M strip, but one of the mini ones that’s just designed for attaching fairy lights and the like. Since the clip and card are so light it works great, but yes you would need one of the bulkier ones if you were hanging something heavier.

      One problem I’ve had with Command strips is the big white tag sticking out on the side – not too bad if you have white walls but they stick out like you know what on coloured walls like mine. But I worked out I could face the tag down instead of to the side, so it’s hidden by the clip. Hope that helped!

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