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Alicia & Ryan's thank yous 4

A bride’s work is never done, it seems. Even four months after the wedding, I’m embarrassed to admit we still haven’t finished sending out our thank you notes. Although I hasten to add it’s not entirely our fault. Since the gallery where we registered (for this artwork) was not set up for bridal registeries, we sent out cards with our invitations to be forwarded to the gallery with payment information. This way they would have the list of names and amounts and they could then provide us with the list of names but not the amounts. Not too complicated right? But the gallery owner threw the cards out. In the bin. Why did he think we were sending them to him if we wanted him to chuck them out straight away?! We are now going through the painful process of trying to get him to go through his bank records to get the names so we can finish the thank yous.

And THAT, my friend, is why I’ve had to put up with a kitchen table covered in thank you notes, envelopes and stamps for the last two months, feeling more mortified each day that we haven’t yet expressed our gratitude to our loved ones.

Alicia & Ryan's thank yous 1

Rant over, let’s get onto the actual thank yous. I waited until after the wedding to design and print them because I had grand notions of incorporating wedding photos into the design but by the time came, I’d gone cold on that idea, plus we’d already spent our stationery budget on the invitations themselves.

Alicia & Ryan's thank yous 8

So I designed some super simple personalised notelets featuring our cameos and wedding year. This way they’re appropriate for the wedding but we can use them forever, yay!

Alicia & Ryan's thank yous 2

However I didn’t want it to just look like a regular note without any focus on the ‘thanks’ so I tied them up with yellow embroidery thread and added some mini thank you tags. For those guests who contributed to our registry, we included a photo of the artwork so the twine also served to bundle that up into the package.

Alicia & Ryan's thank yous 3

I feel awful that we haven’t been able to send them all out yet because I truly have tried my hardest to make it a priority. Oh well, you can’t control everything, can you? 

Come back tomorrow and I’ll provide the printable artwork for the tags so you can tie up your own little bundle of appreciation.


10 Responses

  • I love these thank you notes – especially the est. 2010 part – a very cute idea.

  • Kara

    Love these notes! I love the idea of using the same notes in the future as well.

    And don’t fret about 4 months! My BIL and his wife are going on 7… MIL is beside herself with embarrassment. In the end, the fact that they are beautiful, done by hand and with meaningful thanks will trump everything else.

    • That makes me feel a little better, Kara! You’re right, hopefully the genuine sentiment will be the most important thing.

  • I agree with Kara. 4 months isn’t all that long and your heartfelt note of thanks will be appreciated. The design is lovely and I LOVE the extra touch of the little thank you tag.

  • Sara

    Me again… Can I ask where you got the envelope address stamp? Ta

    • Actually it’s not a stamp, I just printed it directly on the envelope from the computer. I’m glad it fooled you though cos that’s the look I was aiming for!

  • Anna

    Am I allowed to ask how you made those facing shadow portraits, or is that a trade secret?

    • I’m not a magician so there’s no secret! Although you do need pro software to do it properly. We just took a photo of each other and I traced around it in Illustrator.
      I’m not familiar with amateur photo editing software, so hopefully someone can chime in here, but as an alternative I’m sure you could magic-wand and erase the background if you have taken the photo against a bright white wall, however I would expect it might have jagged edges. I hope that helped, Anna.

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