Cake decorating is truly an art, so where better to find inspiration than art itself?

Atypical Type A - art inspired cakes6

The textured icing mimics Van Gogh’s thick, expressive brushstrokes perfectly.

We might actually be able to replicate this tasty mid-century abstract piece ourselves at home.

Atypical Type A - art inspired cakes5

A fairly literal translation of a Picasso but so faithfully executed I had to include it.

Atypical Type A - art inspired cakes1

A modern take on an American classic. I love how it’s been broken into its elements for each tier.

Atypical Type A - art inspired cakes4

A slice of De Stijl reminding us that cake art is just as much about the insides.

Atypical Type A - art inspired cakes7

A jaw-dropping take on the famous Tiffany lamp.

And to bring it full circle, here’s one where the original art was inspired by, you guessed it, cake:

Atypical Type A - art inspired cakes3

I had to look extremely closely to check that the one on the right wasn’t actually another painting – talk about accurate!


8 Responses

  • The first cake has always been an absolute favourite of mine, but I love the other finds you’ve discovered- cakes and art are a beautiful combination!

  • Retrojo

    love this! especially the first one.

  • Wow incredible cakes! I love the American Gothic cake.

  • Kristina

    you can see the Mondrian at the San Francisco MOMA cafe!

  • Thanks, ladies. Glad you like them as much as I do.

    Oh, Kristina, if it wasn’t so far away I’d be there in an instant!

  • Lindsey

    I was posting to let you know that the Mondrian cake can be found at the SF MOMA but someone else got there first! The cafe alone is well worth the visit! Tea, anyone?

    • Thanks for the tip, Lindsey.

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