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I love ornate Victorian typography and handwritten chalkboards. New York based designer Dana Tanamachi has brought them together with her incredible custom chalk lettering.


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  • mary

    I loved seeing these again! http://www.designworklife.com/2010/11/16/dana-tanamachi-visual-work-identity/ how gorgeous are they! We’re looking at appropriating this concept on to the path for Amie if we get time!

    • Cool, I hope you’re able to incorporate it!

  • Jo

    Gorgeous.. just gorgeous.
    I know what you mean about Victorian lettering..
    It reminds me of the fabulous Caligraphy you see on medieval script.
    Jo xx
    btw.. remember that bedroom makover you featured where the owner had plastered over the chimney breast and then used faux panelling ?
    She.. I think her name was Jennifer.. was on the Nate Burkis Show here yesterday.
    So you’re hob nobbing with TV stars now dear.

    • Yes I read that on her blog… too bad we don’t get the show here. A whole bunch of my fave bloggers have been on his show recently actually, I might have to see whether I can download the episodes.

  • Jo

    He has bloggers on a lot actually. The Young House Love couple were on a few weeks back.
    Good luck finding it on line..

    • Yep and they posted the video on their blog so I’ve actually seen that one!

  • Just to keep us well and truly off-topic, here are some of them:

    Kate from Centsational Girl:

    Jennifer from Rambling Renovators:

    Sherry & John from Young House Love:

    Katie from Bower Power: airing tomorrow (8th Feb)

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find the one with Stefanie from Brooklyn Limestone.


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