Do you love the look of gallery walls but can’t work out how to perfect the layout other than hammering away and hoping for the best?

gallery wall on floor

Just lay out the frames flat on the floor, starting with the largest item and working your way out, and tweak the arrangement until it’s pleasing to your eye. Then hang them one by one, remembering to hammer in each hook at the correct distance from the top of the frame.

entry gallery wall

If you’ve got a huge collection to arrange, you can take it one step further by cutting out pieces of butcher paper the size of each frame and arranging them with blu-tack until you’re happy with it. Then hang each piece, removing the corresponding paper before doing so.


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  • I’m working on one in my kids room and usually I’m just a hammer and hope for the best kind of girl but I will definitely be doing this this time, I don’t want to stuff it up! x

    • Good luck!

  • What a great prep idea!! I’m going to hanging pictures very soon & needed this lil tip! Thank u! =)

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