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Have you heard of Pinterest? It’s a wonderful way to store your inspirational photos from anywhere on the web and find plenty of new ones. I have boards dedicated to interiors, weddings & parties, craft and organising… pretty much the same topics I cover here on the blog, but you’ll also find travel, books, fashion and more. Some of my pins are ideas for future blog posts (so beware if you don’t like spoilers!) but most are just images I wanted to file for inspiration.

You have to be invited to join, but do request an invite so you can share in the amazing eye candy collection. Come over and browse through my boards and if you like what you see, follow me so you can be kept updated when I pin more pretties.


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  • i’m following! I’m new to Pinterest as of yesterday (I had to wait a few days for my invite.)

    • Thanks Britt!

  • Pinterest confuses me.
    Though I have a feeling I may change my mind eventually and dive in. Currently I use a website called Zootool to save any kind of media (images, videos, webpages) and they can also be categorized. I love it. I think the difference is that Zootool is less focused on image sharing.

    Pinterest also confuses me because I don’t understand the name. And there is a local mental health services organization called Pine Rest where I live and I can’t help but think of it whenever I see “Pinterest”. Haha.

    • Yeah sometimes it freaks out because of of the images and freezes (on my computer at least). I think the name is about pinning your inspirations (or interests) onto a virtual pinboard. Haha yes that would be a disconcerting name association there!

      Thanks for letting us know about Zootool. I’m very visual so I love the image focus of Pinterest but Zootool sounds great for organising other types of inspirations.

  • mary

    Pinterest is darn addictive – beware! Fabulous but addictive, I could pin all day & love seeing what other like minded creatives have found and how they’re interpreting whatever they come across. We suggest it regularly to our clients as a way of us sharing inspiration we’ve found for their event and vice versa… get on it people!

    • Oh I know, it definitely should come with that warning!
      Great suggestion about using it to share ideas with your clients. I’m loving your boards, by the way. So. Many. Peonies. 😉

  • Love your ideas I have the blue old mason jars already so the craft would be easy for me Thanks for the ideas they are great

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