magnetic salt shaker

We had a cute Marie Claire half-and-half round salt and pepper set, until we accidentally proved that ceramic doesn’t bounce. We were left with only one, which looked pretty lonely on the table. So I glued on a couple of magnets to the remaining half and now we have a handy salt shaker on the fridge. We already have a pepper grinder by the stove so it worked out quite nicely.


5 Responses

  • Jo

    Clever !!

    • Thanks ladies!

  • Love it! Very clever indeed :)

  • The Man

    I like it how she didn’t tell you it was me who experimented with bouncing the ceramic to make me feel better. Oh… damn. Now I’ve admitted it.

    • Luckily for you I don’t make a habit of publicly naming-and-shaming. Although you seem to be taking care of that 😉

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