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Every home or gift shop you walk into has dozens of vases, and they’re generally nice but after a while you start to think, meh, they’re all looking like they were churned out of the same factory.

Then an artisan like Samantha Robinson comes along and makes you sit up and take notice of ceramics again. I’m always so happy when an independent Australian artist or designer makes it big, and that’s exactly what Samantha has done, with her intricately-patterned handmade porcelain pieces being picked up by US style giant Anthropologie.

The only question is, how to choose your favourite? Is it a delicate cylinder vase that looks like a sketch on a rolled sheet of paper, the belly bowls cast from pregnant women or the summery watermelon bowls?


6 Responses

  • Ana

    I love the teapot! All of the prints are wonderful.

    Ana – NothingsBroken.com

  • Ohh you said the magic word, Anthropologie! Good for her getting recognized! Her bowls are beautiful!! I’ll look for them! I love the peacock glass!!

    Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway!

  • I’ve seen those red vases at Anthro! LOVE them!! Her work is so beautiful.

  • Even better: Anthropologie ships to Australia. Woot woot!

  • Katy

    I think I’ve seen these at a gift shop in Queenscliffe. Lovely delicate decorations. Was very tempted to buy something.

    • Good idea… as long as you can find somewhere to put it out of reach of little hands.

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