I’ve had this incredible room (originally found on Design*Sponge) in my inspiration files for the longest time but I could never seem to fit it into my posting schedule. The Before & After project I had planned to post is taking a little longer than expected (don’t they always?) so I thought I’d bring this makeover into the daylight at long last. Roll up and enjoy!

Circus bedroom before

Circus bedroom after1

Circus bedroom after2

Circus bedroom after3

Holy awesome, right? It was created by stylist Kate Dixon and photographed by Jackson Visuals for a concept home so sadly there was no lucky little ringleader able to live here, but it’s still fantastic inspiration.


8 Responses

  • Oh myyyyy goooddnneeessss. This is the most adorable little room I have ever seen. I love the canopy over the bed and that ferris wheel is incredible. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • I know, isn’t it fantastic? Glad you enjoyed it.

  • The Man

    Can I have the ferris wheel?!

    • You have a big boy room now, Ryan.

  • I saw this on Design*Sponge and fell in love. Almost forgot about it. Thanks for the inspiration boost.

  • Oh my gosh! That room is fantastic!!

  • Ruth

    Truly inspired.

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