Alicia & Ryan wedding CD

Having contemporary, meaningful music as part of our wedding celebrations was really imporant for The Man and I. Thankfully we have very similar tastes in music so agreeing on songs was easy. The  hard part was finding songs that were appropriate for the occasion… it seems most of our favourite songs are about unrequited love or breaking up!

Alicia & Ryan wedding CD

I wanted to create a mix CD for us when we’re feeling mushy and to share our music taste and sentiment with our guests. Here’s the selection of the special songs from the day, some sung by a choir. Yes, people, we had a freakin’ choir.

Gorecki (Lamb) – Processional

Sew My Name (Josh Pyke – sung by choir) – Register signing (sorry, could only find a shoddy live recording for the playlist)

You’ve Got The Love (Florence and the Machine) – First dance

God Only Knows (The Beach Boys – sung by choir) – Recessional

This Old Love (Lior – sung by choir)

Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley – sung by choir) – Register signing

Happy Together (The Turtles – sung by choir) – Recessional

Such Great Heights (The Postal Service)

Harmony to my Heartbeat (Sally Seltmann) – Cake cutting

Bus Ride (Alex Lloyd)

On This Side (Clare Bowditch)

Learnalittlegivinandloving (Gotye) – Our entrance at reception

All I Want Is You (U2)

Steal My Kisses (Ben Harper)

Space They Cannot Touch (Kate Miller-Heidke)

Sweet Disposition (Temper Trap)

First Day of My Life (Bright Eyes) – Cake cutting

You can listen to the (flipping awesome) playlist here.

Alicia & Ryan wedding CD

I’ve made a free customisable version of the printable sleeve and label here for you to download. You’ll also need to download this and this font.


7 Responses

  • Katy

    Got the music onto a CD and printed out the CD sleeve, now I have to tackle learning how to print onto the actual CD, which I have never done (considering I have had my printer for a number of years now!!!!!!).

    • Aren’t you lucky to have a CD printer? I have to fiddle around with sticky labels.

  • Katy

    Actually that’s a good idea. It will be a lot quicker to print on sticky paper and cut out and stick on the CD.

    • I designed it to fit a standard A4 CD label template (I got mine at Officeworks). Enjoy!

  • mary

    love this!

    • Thanks Mary!

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