Working from home I need a dedicated home office. I imagine most people, though, only need enough space for a laptop to pay bills and check email and a bit of storage for paperwork and stationery.

Converting a closet into an office is an ideal way to create a workspace without taking over a whole room. Check out these examples for inspiration:

Closet office 2

Closet office 6

 Sunset | I Heart Organizing

Closet office 3

Closet office 4

Real Simple | Apartment Therapy

Closet office 1Closet office 7

via Two Brunettes | Bakoko

Closet office 5Closet office 8

Unplgged | via Decor Pad

The best part? Just close the doors or curtain to hide the mess when you’re done.


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  • Thanks for the inspiring images – the “cupboard office” is on my list of to-do projects and one I’m looking forward to a lot! I also work from home so keeping things tidy and out of the way of a toddler is high on the priority list!

    • Good luck, Jolene. Let us know how it goes!

  • Katy

    Are you going to do a post about cupboard laundries – they seem to be the latest thing especially for apartments? We don’t work from home but I don’t think we could fit all the junk in our office into a closet office!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Great suggestion, Katy. I’ll add it to my post ideas list.

      Haha, neither could we even before I started working from home!

  • I love this idea. I don’t think I could fit everything in there either, but I’m planning on having a room dedicated to my studio and putting the desk in there definitely opens up space in the rest of the room for more! :)

    • Sounds like a plan, Kimberly. You could even consider taking off the closet doors/curtain since you can just close the door to the room when you want to hide it away. Let us know how it goes.

  • Sarah

    What about the electrical aspect of this? How will you keep your desktop computer plugged in or the laptop powered? There are never any outlets in closets … what is the solution to this?

    • Good point, Sarah. Most examples I’ve come across featured laptops, so I would imagine you’d have to run a cord to the nearest outlet when you wanted to recharge. For the desktops, you’d have to get an electrician to wire it up, which shouldn’t be too expensive if there is an outlet nearby.

  • Danielle Marcelo

    I tried this myself! Here is mine ^^

    • Awesome, thanks for sharing Danielle! It looks like such a calm space to work.

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