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I used my business card to illustrate my very first post. I wouldn’t normally advocate DIYing your business cards, but at the time I launched Akimbo I was only a few months away from getting married so I didn’t want to go to the expense of producing a small amount of cards that I’d soon have to replace once my name changed.

So the first post-honeymoon job for work was to have them re-done professionally. Since I was now having them die-cut, I could also make the flap rounder and more like an envelope.

Akimbo business cards

Akimbo business cards

I’ve kept the Akimbo branding quite simple – predominantly black and white with yellow highlights – so it’s quite versatile and never overshadows the products. Business cards, though, are generally seen in isolation so I could have a bit of fun with them by adding bright, patterned fabric.

Akimbo Oh Hello Deer postcard

Akimbo Oh Hello Deer postcard

I like to put in a note with my customer orders, but a with compliments slip seemed awfully corporate for what I do. A postcard seemed much more appropriate and can also be used as a fun freebie. I designed this one based on my Regency collection.

Who knew promo could be so cute?


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