Yesterday I shared how I updated a tired old buffet, but the interior still left a lot to be desired.

buffet drawer before

Can you imagine storing your cutlery on that scungy green felt? Yech. I’ll be using to store craft and packaging supplies so it doesn’t have to be good enough to eat off but still definitely needed to go.

buffet drawer during 1

I assumed the felt was inserted separately into each section, but it was actually one whole piece so it was a little trickier than anticipated.

buffet drawer during 3

It also left a lot of residue, but that was easily removed with a damp cloth and a paint scraper.

buffet drawer after

I swear I drove all over town looking for some decent wrapping paper that would suit the room’s palette of yellow, grey and white (and now blue). I didn’t find what I was looking for, but this silver and white contemporary lace pattern will do (it is only inside a drawer after all). I just cut it by eye (if anyone has any tricks please leave them in the comments!) and stuck on with some double-sided tape. The metallic finish was hard to photograph, so here’s a closeup:

drawer liner detail

I suspect all the other drawers in the house are feeling a tad jealous.


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