I posted my first couple of wedding inspiration boards over the last few weeks. To be honest they weren’t really working for me but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Today I finally realised what it was: the horizontal format made them so tiny you could hardly see the photos. They also lacked a colour palette and a nice descriptive name. So here have my first new and improved mood board.

Akimbo inspiration board 3 - Pink peonies & ruffles

Sources: Drink dispenser | Ruffle cake | Peony bouquet | Pink gown | Bride & groom | Table settings | Invitation

I’m not normally a pink frilly sort of girl, but as soon as I saw that incredible ruffly cake I couldn’t resist creating a whole theme based on it. It’s unashamedly girly but plenty of white and a hint of smoke prevent it looking too Barbie.


627 Responses

  • mary

    this is a gorgeous mood board.. well done!

    • Thanks Mary! I know you’re a big peony fan too.

  • 2 of my favourite things- ruffles and peonies!
    just gorgeous!!

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