Apparently I have a dream kitchen.

I knew I had preferences, sure, but I didn’t realise how specific my ideal kitchen was until I was looking back over my Pinterest and discovered that the kitchens I’d pinned all. looked. the same.

Obsess & Inspire - Dream kitchen

Cote de Texas | Number 19 | Style at Home | Kitchenism

Traditional white cabinetry? Check. Dark timber floors? Check. Lab sink? Check. Industrial details? Check.


4 Responses

  • Ha! It’s so addictive, this pinning, isn’t it? I’m now following you…J x

    • Gawd, I know. I think that’s where half of yesterday went…

  • Don’t forget to add “lots of natural light” to your dream kitchen checklist! I tell (lie to) myself that I’m pinning non-stop for a greater purpose: to reach a deeper level of self-awareness. This post reaffirms that, so *thank you!* and if you need me, I will be on Pinterest for the rest of the weekend…

    • Oh yes, mustn’t forget the light! You’re right, using Pinterest can really help pinpoint your style if you’re struggling to make decisions.

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