Atypical Type A birthday month feature

The blog’s birthday, my business‘s birthday, my birthday, The Man’s birthday… what do these milestones all have in common? They are all in May, henceforth known as Birthday Month.

We’re going to be talking parties, presents, cake, invitations and wrapping, plus I’m having my first ever sale to celebrate.

I hope you’ll stick around an enjoy the celebrations!


7 Responses

  • mary

    are they my birthday dahlias too? 😉

    • They certainly are, Mary, thank you!

  • Katy

    Yes, May is a wonderful month to have a birthday in. I’ll have to claim the dahlias for my birthday too!!!! Have a nice birthday Alicia.

    • You too, Katy. All the best people are born in May, aren’t they? 😉

  • The Man

    Not sure you can claim them Katy. They were actually AT Mary’s birthday dinner LOL Very nicely repurposed for blog photography 😉

  • The Man

    But you can certainly admire their awesomeness.

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